Gaubrielle Pritchard
Board Member,
Event Manager

I work with community engagement to bring awareness of what AJC does for the city of Austin.  

I grew up in an army family and my father had very humble beginnings. We moved a lot but he taught me to help those whenever I can and to uplift those without a voice. As I grew older I had a drive to support a community and that’s what I found here in Austin. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help the community every day. 

My inspiration comes from the people I meet. Gratitude is found in everything that is done and I thrive on educating as well as supporting everyone I meet.  You never stop learning and I don’t plan to ever stop asking questions and seeking answers. 

I work in tech and my day-to-day job consists of talking with everyone in our company, solving problems, and creating lifetime solutions. I have the privilege of engaging with a multitude of people and learning how they work and learn. That relates directly into what I do at AJC and allows me to be personable and help others know what they need to know to succeed. 

My background is in culinary. I attended school in New York for four years and that helps me every week when I work with our Higher Learning program. Being able to navigate the minds of kids and feeding them food that fuels that curiosity is a true gift. When a child loves the veggies you make them you know you’re doing something right and that’s a great feeling.  

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