Council responded, directing APD to create a community process to identify specific community policing activities and metrics (Matrix report) and negotiate with community groups on its use of force policy and other AJC recommendations (like reforming mental health first response).

Since then, APD has specified no community policing activities, has no new metrics, has changed no actual policies and met with AJC on use of force only once. APD has asked you to extend your timeline several more months, despite showing little appetite for real reform. On faith, APD asks you for millions more for 81 sworn officers.

Meanwhile, Austin’s costly police contract – now in final renegotiation--is among the worst in the nation from an accountability perspective (according to a review by Campaign Zero) and isn’t getting much better.

Grassroots Leadership, Communities of Color United, Austin Justice Coalition, Black Sovereign Nation, Texas Civil Right is Project, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, ACLU of Texas, and Counter Balance ATX agreed on eight mandatory improvements to the meet and confer agreement and have attended all negotiation sessions.

Currently only one item (#4 on the back) is likely to be in the new contract.

Austin should not give APD more money for more sworn officers when it has failed to make needed reforms.

One year ago, community groups asked that APD get a lot better before it gets any bigger.

Take $6 million and fund alternatives to cycle of arrest, jail and release!


1. Suspensions should not be automatically reduced to written reprimand and the chief should be able to consider all past misconduct in future discipline.

2. The Chief should be able to discipline an officer if facts emerge after 180 days has passed.

3. History of misconduct should be included as a system of deductions from the scoring system used to promote officers.

4. Citizens should be able to make phone and online complaints, and management should be able to make a preliminary review of any evidence without a “verified” statement. [likely to be in the final


5. The Citizens Review Panel should be able to freely ask questions, subpoena witness and evidence, and listen to witnesses at the same time as the panel hears from police officers and union reps.

6. The Office of Police Monitor should have the power to initiate investigations, even if a citizen has not filed a complaint.

7. Stop sealing records of misconduct in 143.089(g) files, as can be done through this contract. Publish and make readily available to the public internal affairs transcripts of interview with officer and all final disciplinary decisions.

8. Reports/recommendations should all be released to the public without expurgation based on the city legal's determination that other possible exceptions to the Public Information Act could be claimed.

Allow APA contract to expire.

•  This negotiation process–where the city “pays” for every accountability reform with more money or by giving up a different, equally important accountability reform – has not and probably cannot result in strong civilian oversight.

•  Without the eight priority reforms, we have not lifted

the bar enough above state law, and we are paying too

much for what we get.

•  While loss of the contract may result in some additional limits on the CRP and OPM, it will not significantly reduce accountability.

•  Officers would still be highest paid, great benefits.

Use savings to
improve public safety

•  Contract locks the city into “patrol” solutions to public safety problems that could be addressed differently, if Council frees up money.

•  Allowing the contract to expire produces roughly $6 million that can be applied to new and more effective public safety measures now.

•  While loss of the contract may result in some additional limits on the CRP and OPM, it will not significantly reduce accountability.

•  Puts future decisions into regular budget process.

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