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 The Austin Justice Coalition is an organization devoted to improving the lives of black people in Austin, Texas. It is a black-led movement that recognizes the importance and usefulness of allies in the fight for equality. The fight for justice is intersectional, and while any group is oppressed, none of us are free. If you want to join the team as an ally, please review what that role looks like for our organization in the following description.

Non-black ally ship is an action-oriented verb.

It is being in solidarity.

Is it thoughtful and acknowledges its privileges in ways that promote equality.

It is listening and learning constantly.

It is listening for direction and requesting consultation and direction when necessary.

It is asking if it is appropriate to share some information, opinions, and/or skill sets.

It is respecting autonomy and stepping away from some roles and not attending black-only spaces.

It is being accountable to black leaders.

It is providing concrete and abstract support and may look like logistical support, child care, food prep, materials for events, transportation, etc.


Additional resources for allies:

Generation Waking Up


Last Fall, I participated in one of the most meaningful educational experiences of my life—a training facilitated by Generation Waking Up. A very diverse group of 25 young adults spent three whole days together examining the major issues of our time and learning enlightening frameworks from which to re-view things like social justice, oppression, and the environment. What made the training go beyond solid curriculum and into actual shifts in our mindsets and hearts was our commitment to working deeply and intimately with ourselves and with each other.


5 Tips For Being An Ally



Stuff mentioned in this video:

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